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Nov 19

Chef change attributes node level Java cookbook

How do you change the attributes at the node level.  I just went through this recently with some Scala servers that required Oracle Java 7.  The defaults for the Java cookbook at the marketplace: are openJDK 6.  To replace them you need to: knife node edit <NODE_NAME> In the editor that pops up add …

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Jun 27

Putty is the worst ssh client ever!

Putty can’t remember the last IP address you used. It can’t remember anything. the buffer is horrendously low. adding a ssh key should be straight forward. remembering your fucking login ID should be straight forward. remembering the fucking keys!  Even the location of the keys?  changing the color scheme should be easy, and able to …

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Sep 21

Chef calculate checksum

I’ve been working with Chef at work and there are several items that I keep looking up.  The first of these is calculating the checksum for a file that chef downloads.  Since we are doing some customized recipes I keep looking at having to grab a file and check the checksum, although not completely necessary …

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Sep 14

Chef-client fails to complete

FATAL: Net::HTTPServerException: 413 “Request Entity Too Large” A nasty message from the chef-client that was happening because ohai was uploading all of our users and groups.  But after configuring the /etc/chef/client.rb file and adding: Ohai::Config[:disabled_plugins] = [“passwd”] Is no longer an issue

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