Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 22

An EMP Will Kill your Car?

I borrowed a new book from Amazon today It’s about a Carrington Event that kills all electronics. I have an increasingly difficult time with this scenario. And the reason is that the electronics need to be grounded to be affected. The book starts off (as all EMP books do) with all the cars going dead …

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Sep 21

Chef calculate checksum

I’ve been working with Chef at work and there are several items that I keep looking up.  The first of these is calculating the checksum for a file that chef downloads.  Since we are doing some customized recipes I keep looking at having to grab a file and check the checksum, although not completely necessary …

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Sep 20

What this site is really about

I have not defined what I’m looking to do here but it’s along the lines of getting us off of oil and attempting a smooth transition to renewables.  I think it might just be easier than all of us thought even 2 years ago.  I’ll try and put up a page that goes over this because the math …

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Sep 14

Chef-client fails to complete

FATAL: Net::HTTPServerException: 413 “Request Entity Too Large” A nasty message from the chef-client that was happening because ohai was uploading all of our users and groups.  But after configuring the /etc/chef/client.rb file and adding: Ohai::Config[:disabled_plugins] = [“passwd”] Is no longer an issue

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