Sep 22

An EMP Will Kill your Car?

I borrowed a new book from Amazon today

It’s about a Carrington Event that kills all electronics. I have an increasingly difficult time with this scenario. And the reason is that the electronics need to be grounded to be affected. The book starts off (as all EMP books do) with all the cars going dead and airplanes falling out of the sky.

I beg you if you’re writing, or filming such a story please watch below and then tell me an EMP will stop all airplanes and cars. Airplanes are routinely hit by lightning and there are no adverse affects. Why? Because the energy passes through, there is nothing to ground the electricity. It’s the grounding that pushes energy back into the devices and causes the damage. At least that is my understanding. If a car can handle this then I think an EMP is unlikely to destroy it.

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