Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 31

Eidolon TLP, Hannibal, DARPA and the state of Artifical Intelligence

Update January 31, 2016 – I still think that this is a real story, deliberately buried.  Let’s be honest as to why.  The current system is likely a Blue Gene/Q.  Costing 1.3 Million per rack.  And operating cost per year will be close to 2.5 million per yea for cooling, housing, network access, security, and …

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Oct 16

Denyhosts on fedora 19

For whatever reason I had one hell of a time getting denyhosts setup on fedora.  Come to find out there is one big reason for this, chkconfig has been replaced with systemctl. It’s simple to setup and install once you know that all you need to do is 2 simple commands: sudo yum install denyhosts …

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