Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 31

For your Halloween – Alfred Hichcock’s Ghost Stories

One of the best records I ever owned.  I nearly wore it out as a kid.  Finally a girlfriend took it from me when I was in college damn it!  But fun stories even now.

Oct 24

Interesting Conspiracy Movie from 2012 – ‘111’

Found an interesting short that tries to bring a bunch of conspiracy theory’s together and …  Well you be the judge.

Oct 22

gpg command line

First create a key: gpg –gen-key For generation I use the default of RSA and RSA, and I use 4096 bits, and i usually let the keys live for 1y. Create a Revocation Certificate so you can Revoke you key on a keyserver gpg –gen-revoke –armor –output=GPGRevocationCertificate.asc your@email.address Create your ASCII public key so other …

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Oct 21

Unix flush or refresh DNS cache

For Red Hat systems the command is service nscd restart For Debian systems its /etc/init.d/nscd restart

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