May 30

Amazing Film on Alien Reproduction Vehicle and ZPE

Update Aug 25th 2015

Looks like James Gladman has released the full HD version of the movie on Vimeo.  I’d recommend that you go view his instead of the one below: https://vimeo.com/133170463


What’s interesting is that the director and writer (James Allen Higgins) of this film appears to have been poisoned to death.  It was discussed on Coast to Coast Mar, 2nd 2014 in the first hour of the show.  20:50 is where the speaker starts talking about him.


Just press play, it will start

Addendum from http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2599060/pg18 posted 10/5/2014

This video will be out on the usual VOD outlets in the next (hopefully) couple of months. The filmmaker died under mysterious circumstances. The person who took care of the filmmaker in his last months of life also funded a great deal of the film, paid for the filmmaker’s end-of-life expenses, his autopsy and blood work, which determined he had 10 to 50 times the ‘maximum acceptable’ amount of 12 heavy metals and raidioisotopes. He is making sure that the film gets out to the major public for two reasons: To ensure the film is seen by a wider audience than ‘the already converted’, and to hopefully recoup some of the $12,000.00 he spent on the filmmaker’s funeral expenses, autopsy, etc. as well as the expenses of being executor of his estate. He is also adding additional material for the film regarding the filmmaker.

Please be patient, the process of distributing a film is time-consuming and requires a lot of legal process for clearance, production. You won’t be disappointed!

It would be much easier to ‘make it free on youtube’, but this is not what the filmmaker wanted. He wanted it to have a higher profile. Not for money, to be sure. He wanted it to be as high-profile as possible in order to awaken as many people to these ideas.


Here is the toxicology report: http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/graphics/AllenToxicologyReport.pdf


Another interesting film  http://youtu.be/pD9r8o1Tjwk



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  1. joe belford

    too interesting and familiar

  2. Will

    After looking at the ICPMS tissue samples there doesn’t seem to be anything too out of the ordinary and probably can be explained by trace contamination since the levels are so extremely low. Also, other than Uranium and Thorium (which are present in extremely low amounts), the other 19 elements are not radioactive and not known to be carcinogenic in the quantities listed. So although his death is tragic, it does not warrant the misinterpretation (either through ignorance or malice) of scientific data.

  3. Doug

    Oh come on Will….gimme a break. How convenient for him to come down with a rare form of heavy metal cancer just as the film finished. Pull your head out of your ass.

  4. Don

    When is this film going to be realised please?


    1. TheDude

      It’s been released on Vimeo, see the update at the top of the post. Better quality than what is here.

      1. Don Hyde

        Thanks The Dude. I have it saved in my Favourites!

        Kind Regards

        Mr Don Hyde

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